Dimensions: Lenght: 2245mm, Width: 910mm, Height windshield lower position: 1375mm, height windshield higher position: 1510mm

Wheelbase: 1590mm

Seat height: 820mm

Ground clearance: 165mm

Weight in working order: 238 kg / unloaded weight: 220 kg

Fuel tank capacity: 13,1 L

OEM wind shield dimensiosn : 525mm height, 390mm width in the bottom and 325mm width at the top.


Displacement: 745 cm3

Power: 40,3 kW (54,8 hp) at 6250 rpm

Torque: 68Nm at 4750 rpm

Max speed: ± 180 km/h compteur ( 170 km/h GPS )

Fuel consomption: ± 4 L per 100 km

Autonomy: ± 300 km


Front: clearance: 153,5mm / Oil quantity: Left: 596 cm3 Right: 584 cm3

Fork preload original setting: 7 turns from the minimum hardness setting

Factory default setting: 2 turns from maximum hardness setting

Rear: clearance: 150mm

Adjustment of the origin: 4th position from the minimum setting


Front: 120/70R17 58H

Rear: 160/60R15 67H

Recommended pressure: FRONT 2.5 bar / REAR 2.9 bar


Front: double disks 320mm with radial calipers 

Rear: simple disk 240mm 

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Oil capacity when dismantled: 4,1L 

Oil capacity when draining oil and changing oil filter: 3,4L

Recommended oil: SAE 10W30 JASO T 903 STD MA : MOTUL E-TEC

Engine oil filter: Honda 15410-MCJ-505Hiflo Filtro: HF204

DCT gearbox oil filter: Honda 15412-MGS-D21


Coolant capacity when draining cooling liquid : 1,36L

Recommended coolant : Motul

Cooling system starts when water temperature reachs 80°C 

Fan starts when water temperature reachs 100°C


Valve adjustement: Admission: 0,17 ± 0,02 / Exhaust: 0,28 ± 0,02


Battery YTZ14S 

Bougies: NGK IFR6G-11K

Phares et clignotants à leds.