Discovering Willem's X-ADV

Willem K. is a satisfied customer and he lets us know with the great pictures of his X-ADV. Protected with several reinforcements and sublimated by a meticulous finish, his scooter can be a source of inspiration for your own style. Let's see this in pictures.

X-ADV tuning protection X-ADV tuning protection
X-ADV tuning protection X-ADV tuning protection

A foolproof protection!

The different views show us a very complete set of protections with crashbars (to choose from our dedicated category) but also reinforcements dedicated to each sensitive part: exhaust, handguards and front fender.

There is also a headlight guard by SRC.

Beautiful and practical

The multiple protections give an affirmed off-road/aggressive look. The effect is reinforced here by a 100% aluminum DPM windscreen, as much appreciated for its performance as its design. At the rear, a Givi RM02 remote mudguard also improves ergonomics while contributing to the overall look of the X-ADV. At the top of the cockpit sits a GPS SRC rack, very convenient for attaching any useful object to driving.

Highlight of the show

The Pro-Bolt Gold Color windshield Fixation Kit provides a contrast with the DPM Windshield. It discreetly recalls all the colors of the XADV, shades of gray and gold, which are also found on the cap of the braking fluid tank.

Owner's comments

"There are also some invisible changes at first glance that I recommend to all X-ADV owners. I've installed a 39-tooth AFAM sprocket and a BMC performance air filter. These items produce a real effect on the acceleration (sprocket) and the sound (filter).

But the best improvement of my scooter is clearly in the tires. The grip on the road is much better with Pirelli Rosso, depending of course on the use you want to make (off-road or not).

Last thing, be very careful if you want to paint the wheels. It has been very difficult for me to find a competent company but it has to be machine made for a perfect result... "

X-ADV tuning protection X-ADV tuning protection
X-ADV tuning protection X-ADV tuning protection

Protection, ergonomics, finishing, congratulations Willem for this nice X-ADV made with some products of X-ADV Shop!

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